Up And Over Garage Doors

Striking the balance between practicality and aesthetics, up and over garage doors are a timeless favourite.

Operating with a simple tilt and lift mechanism, these garage doors smoothly rise up and tuck neatly into the ceiling space of your garage, making them sought-after for their straightforward functionality and visual appeal.

white up and over garage door with windows

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We supply a vast range of Up and Over garage doors in bespoke sizes and materials throughout the Midlands, see our range below.

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Advantages Of Up And Over
Garage Doors

Choose Your Material – Steel, Timber or GRP

We offer a diverse selection of popular styles and door materials, tailored for the tastes of our customers. Each material we use is handpicked for its combination of durability and visual appeal, and you can see the different designs and styles for yourself in our dedicated showroom.

You can even design your garage door via our special door designer app.



Wooden up and over doors offer a timeless look. Our wooden garage doors, meticulously crafted from quality timber, bring an aura of warmth and authenticity to any home or business.

grey sectional garage door on house
dark grey garage door automated and matching front door


Our steel up and over doors are sleek, modern and incredibly resilient. Steel offers inherent strength, giving homeowners not just the appearance they require but also invaluable peace of mind.


The versatility of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) doors is unmatched. Marrying the benefits of lightweight operation with outstanding resistance to the ravages of time, these doors shine in their adaptability.

Wooden modern up and over front garage door

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Keep On Top of Maintenance with Our Help

• The elegance and functionality of an up and over garage door demands top-tier care.
• All our doors come with a minimum two-year warranty, with options to extend.
• Physical or electrical damage? All-Tech are ready to spring into action for thorough repairs.
• Our deep expertise and commitment keep your door efficient, safe and long-lasting.

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All Tech front of a new build modern house with black single garage and door

Ideal Settings For Garage Doors With
Up And Over Operation

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Garage Up And Over Doors | FAQs


Not much, but it will need a small amount of clearance for its swing-out arc and ceiling storage. You will typically need a minimum of about 200mm (8 inches) of headroom between the door opening and the ceiling, and 75-150mm (3-6 inches) for the vertical track and outside clearance of a retractable variant.

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