Up And Over Garage Doors: Convenience Meets Design

Striking the right balance between practicality and aesthetics, up and over garage doors have solidified their position as a timeless favourite among UK homeowners. Operating with a simple tilt and lift mechanism, these types of garage doors smoothly rise up and tuck neatly into the ceiling space of your garage, making them a sought-after choice for their straightforward functionality and visual appeal.

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Advantages Of Up And Over
Garage Doors

Materials And Finishes We Provide

All-Tech Midlands takes pride in offering a diverse selection of up and over garage doors, each tailored to meet the distinctive tastes and needs of our customers. Each material we use is handpicked for its combination of durability and visual appeal, and you can see the different designs and styles for yourself in our dedicated showroom.

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Timber Up And Over Garage Doors

Timber doors offer a timeless look to your property. Our wooden garage doors, meticulously crafted from quality timber, bring an aura of warmth and authenticity to any home or business. Beyond their visual appeal, they’re inherently strong and long-lasting, ensuring homeowners enjoy the organic beauty, robust security and longevity that they offer.

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Steel Up And Over Garage Doors

For those who love a mix of contemporary design and unparalleled security, our steel up and over doors are a great choice. Beyond their sleek modernity, they’re also incredibly resilient in the face of adverse weather conditions and potential intrusions. Steel offers inherent strength, giving homeowners not just the appearance they require but also invaluable peace of mind.

GRP Up And Over Garage Doors

The versatility of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) doors is unmatched. Marrying the benefits of lightweight operation with outstanding resistance to the ravages of time, these doors shine in their adaptability. GRP garage doors are practical, lightweight and durable, and can appear like traditional wooden doors or have a smooth, modern finish, fitting a range of house styles and tastes.

Wooden modern up and over front garage door

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Up and Over Garage Door Repair, Maintenance and Servicing

The elegance and functionality of an up and over garage door demands top-tier care. All the doors we offer come with a minimum two-year warranty, with options to extend further if desirable. In the event of physical or electrical damage, All-Tech Midlands’ certified maintenance team springs into action, ensuring your door is promptly and thoroughly repaired. With a combination of our deep expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your door remains efficient, safe and long-lasting.

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Types Of Up And Over Garage Door

Canopy Style

The canopy style of up and over garage door is aptly named for the way a portion of the door forms a “canopy” outside the garage when open. This door type uses a simple pivot mechanism and doesn’t retract entirely into the garage. While it’s a space-saver within the garage itself, it protrudes outside when open. In terms of functionality, it’s straightforward to use and is ideal for smaller garage spaces. However, it might not be best suited for automated operation.

dark wood up and over garage doors traditional style with window
retractable up and over garage doors uk

Retractable Style

A retractable up and over garage door retracts fully into the garage when opened. It uses horizontal tracks that the door wheels run along, enabling it to slide back fully into the garage. This mechanism requires a bit more space inside the garage, but it offers a cleaner exterior look when open since it doesn’t protrude. The design of the retractable door makes it a better candidate for automation, and it’s perfect for larger garages and homeowners looking for a more seamless operation.

All Tech front of a new build modern house with black single garage and door

Ideal Settings For Garage Doors With
Up And Over Operation

Our Range

We supply a vast range of Up and Over garage doors in bespoke sizes and materials throughout the Midlands, see our range below.

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Thinking about a straightforward yet effective garage door solution? The up and over style could be the right pick. At All-Tech Midlands, our focus isn’t just on making doors, it’s about creating the best fit for your property, blending practicality with looks. Every door we make represents quality and durability, ensuring you get great value for money. If you’re unsure about the options or need more info on costs, our friendly team is on standby to help.

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Garage Up And Over Doors | FAQs

Garages, as we know them, have been around since the 1940s as a place to store your automobile and protect it from the elements, or for anyone who might fancy a new car for free. However, with the size of cars ever-growing, and the human tendency to hoard items, our vehicles have found their typical place to be outside, and the garage full of numerous items of various sizes, making access difficult for traditional garage doors.

UK up-and-over garage doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors available and are used throughout the world. They operate by swinging outwards and upwards from a closed position and, when fully open, move into the garage’s ceiling space making them ideal for garages that contain items close to the entrance or goods stored high. See our blog on the top 5 considerations when buying a garage door to discover whether a garage up-and-over door is suitable for your home.

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