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A popular option for both residential and commercial garages, thanks to their space-saving design and ease of operation, sectional garage doors are made of five panels that are hinged together and designed to roll up and down along a track system when the door is opened or closed. Sectional garage doors are durable and visually appealing amongst other benefits. See Our Entire Range of Garage Doors.

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Advantages Of Sectional
Garage Doors

Materials And Finishes We Provide

All Tech Midlands is proud to offer a vast range of materials and finishes for your garage door requirements. But don’t just take our word for it, you can visit our dedicated showroom where you can see all of our products, materials and finishes for sectional garage doors in the flesh.


Our steel sectional garage doors provide robust security and a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Crafted from high-quality steel, our doors offer unbeatable durability and a striking appearance as they come in various designs and finishes to complement your home’s architecture. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, a steel sectional garage door is a reliable choice.


For a blend of lightweight versatility and contemporary elegance options, consider an aluminium sectional garage door. They are known for their exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion and they are available in a wide array of colours and styles. Aluminium sectional garage doors can effortlessly enhance the curb appeal of your property, making them a popular choice among homeowners looking for both aesthetics and functionality.

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wooden automated garage doors


For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of natural wood, our wooden or timber sectional garage doors are an excellent choice. Crafted from premium timber, these doors exude warmth and charm, creating an inviting atmosphere for your home. You can select from a variety of wood species and finishes to achieve the perfect rustic or traditional appearance, ensuring that your sectional garage door harmonises seamlessly with the overall look of your property.

Wood Composite

Combining the beauty and aesthetics of wood with enhanced durability, our wood composite sectional garage doors are engineered for longevity. They offer the same timeless appeal of wood without the maintenance requirements. With a vast array of colour options and grain patterns, this sectional garage door will provide you with a versatile canvas to create your look, whether that is classic or contemporary.


For a low-maintenance alternative that closely resembles wood, a fibreglass sectional garage door is a winning choice. These doors are highly resistant to the effects of weathering, making them ideal for homes in harsh climates. Available in a wide range of finishes and textures, fibreglass sectional garage doors replicate the realistic wood-grain appearance while offering durability and longevity.


Our vinyl sectional garage doors combine affordability with low-maintenance convenience. Known for their durability, energy efficiency and resistance to dents and scratches, a vinyl sectional garage door is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting solution. They are available in a variety of styles and colours which allows you to customise your garage door to suit your home’s aesthetic.

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For a contemporary and minimalist look, explore our glass or polycarbonate sectional garage doors. These doors are designed to allow an abundance of natural light into your garage while maintaining privacy and security. With customisable options for transparency levels and panel designs, you can achieve a truly unique and stylish appearance that sets your property apart from the others on your street.

Insulated Sandwich Panel

To enhance energy efficiency and temperature control in your garage, consider one of our insulated sandwich panel sectional garage doors. These doors provide excellent insulation properties, effectively reducing energy costs and ensuring a comfortable garage environment as well as providing additional insulation to the house. They are available in a diverse range of designs and finishes, so you can select the perfect sectional garage door to match your preferences and needs.

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Sectional Garage Door Maintenance, Servicing And Repairs

Ensure the longevity, functionality and safety of your sectional garage door by booking maintenance, servicing or repairs with All Tech Midlands. Regular maintenance is crucial to maintain optimal performance and prevent potential issues. Our expert technicians are ready to assist you in keeping your sectional garage door in top shape. Whether it’s a minor repair or a comprehensive servicing, we’re just a call away. Don’t wait until problems arise – take proactive steps to ensure your sectional garage door operates smoothly. Click the button below to call us and schedule your service today, ensuring your door continues to serve you reliably for years to come.

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Types Of Sectional Garage Doors

Carriage House Sectional Doors

Carriage house sectional doors bridge the gap between classic aesthetics and modern functionality. They emulate the charming carriage house design, with decorative hardware and panel detailing, while retaining the convenience of sectional operation. These doors offer a unique blend of elegance and practicality. They require ample space in front of the garage for the outward swinging motion, making them ideal for properties with sufficient driveway clearance. Carriage house sectional garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners seeking the timeless appeal of traditional carriage doors without compromising on contemporary convenience.

Traditional Raise-Panel

Traditional raise-panel sectional garage doors are renowned for their enduring design. Comprising multiple panels that rise vertically and then curve inward into the garage, they maximise space efficiency. Their classic style, characterised by raised rectangular or square panels, complements a wide range of architectural designs. These doors suit various configurations, making them a versatile choice for homeowners seeking a timeless and adaptable garage door solution.

Modern / Contemporary

Modern and contemporary sectional garage doors redefine conventional aesthetics with sleek lines and minimalist design elements. They are space-efficient, making them perfect for properties with limited driveway clearance. These doors reflect the essence of contemporary architecture, enhancing the modern look of homes. With a variety of finishes, including bold colours and textured surfaces, they provide homeowners with the opportunity to make a striking design statement while optimising functionality. Modern, electric sectional garage doors are popular for ease of use at the touch of a button.


V-Groove sectional garage doors offer a captivating twist on conventional garage door design. They introduce a distinctive dimension to the door’s surface with V-shaped grooves or channels that create an engaging texture. This textured appearance not only adds character but also enhances the visual appeal of the garage door. V-Groove doors are engineered for both durability and versatility, making them suitable for various garage configurations and architectural styles. Homeowners who seek a garage door that stands out and provides an intriguing design element often gravitate towards a V-Groove sectional garage door, appreciating their unique texture and the statement it makes.

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Ribbed Sectional Garage Doors

Ribbed sectional garage doors exhibit a classic and timeless appearance characterised by horizontal ribs or panels running across the door’s surface. The result is a clean and orderly design that offers an appealing visual aesthetic. These doors are particularly space-efficient, making them well-suited for standard garage door configurations. The ribbed design adds subtle visual interest, contributing to the door’s overall charm. Homeowners who value simplicity, versatility and a clean, classic look often opt for ribbed sectional garage doors, appreciating their practicality and the touch of elegance they bring to their homes.

Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated sectional garage doors are engineered with a primary focus on energy efficiency and temperature control. These doors are a wise choice for homeowners who utilise their garages for purposes beyond parking, such as workshops, home gyms or additional living spaces. The key benefit of insulated doors lies in their ability to maintain a consistent and comfortable interior environment by reducing temperature fluctuations. This superior insulation is achieved through the use of specialised materials and construction techniques. Insulated sectional garage doors are an intelligent choice for homeowners seeking year-round usability and energy efficiency in their garages.

Windowed Sectional Doors

Windowed sectional garage doors introduce an element of sophistication and functionality by incorporating glass panels into the door’s design. These glass panels allow natural light to flood into the garage, creating a bright and airy atmosphere inside. Homeowners who appreciate a well-lit garage space while maintaining privacy and security find a windowed sectional garage door to be a compelling option. From full-view glass doors that maximise visibility to more discreet window placements that provide an elegant touch, these doors offer versatility in design.

Industrial Sectional Garage Doors

Industrial sectional garage doors are specifically engineered for heavy-duty commercial and industrial use. These doors are built to withstand constant operation, making them ideal for warehouses, factories, distribution centres and loading docks. They come in various configurations, including large sizes and high-lift options, ensuring they meet the specific operational needs of businesses. Security is a top priority, with robust locking mechanisms and reinforced panels. These doors are designed for minimal maintenance and maximum reliability to minimise downtime in critical operational environments, making a sectional garage door a trusted choice for businesses that rely on efficient garage access.

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Where Are Sectional Garage Doors Suitable For Use?

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Frequently Asked Questions | Sectional Garage Doors

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While sectional garage doors offer many advantages, such as space-saving design and insulation options, there are some potential disadvantages. One drawback can be the initial cost, as sectional doors can be more expensive than some other types. Additionally, if a section of the door is damaged, it may require replacing the entire panel, which can be costly. Some homeowners also find the appearance of sectional garage doors less appealing compared to other styles like carriage doors. However, these disadvantages are often outweighed by the benefits they offer in terms of functionality, security and energy efficiency.

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