Simple And Stylish Round The Corner Garage Doors

When it comes to modern, space-saving design, round the corner garage doors stand out. These innovative doors, also known as side sliding garage doors, operate with a unique mechanism that allows them to slide effortlessly to the side rather than up and overhead, optimising space while adding a touch of elegance.

long wooden round the corner garage door
simple round the corner garage door in silver with a car parked inside

Advantages Of Round The Corner
Garage Doors

Ideal Applications For Round The Corner Garage Doors

Residential Applications

Round the corner garage doors are a fantastic fit for residential properties, particularly for homes with limited overhead space or those with unique architecture.

These doors offer an unmatched mix of functionality and style. Whether you’re renovating a period property or putting the finishing touches to a contemporary new build, these side sliding garage doors not only address space constraints but also uplift the visual appeal, making your home stand out.

round the corner garage door in dark red with a van parked outside on a driveway
stylish black round the corner garage door on a new build home

Commercial And Industrial Use

The commercial sector, especially industries that use showrooms and warehouses, demands efficient access and space-saving solutions.

Round the corner garage doors fit this bill perfectly. They facilitate swift stock and asset movement, which is essential for businesses that thrive on time efficiency. Furthermore, their modern aesthetic perfectly complements the façade of commercial buildings, ensuring that their functionality doesn’t compromise on style.

Educational Institutions

Educational settings, including schools and universities, often face challenges in managing their maintenance and storage spaces efficiently.

Beyond classrooms, these institutions need areas to store equipment, supplies and sometimes even vehicles. Round the corner garage doors make for an ideal solution, stylishly combining space-saving attributes with a modern look and robust security. Storage areas remain easily accessible giving educational institutions a reliable solution.

round the corner garage door in white with a bike pictured

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Round The Corner Garage Door Repair, Maintenance And Servicing

As well as fitting your round the corner garage doors, All-Tech Midlands also provide maintenance, servicing and repairs. Our doors come with a minimum of two years’ warranty, ensuring you’re covered against wear and tear. Beyond the warranty, our dedicated maintenance team stands ready to address any breakage or required aftercare, delivering prompt and professional services. From minor adjustments to significant fixes, our certified experts bring combined knowledge and expertise to ensure your door remains in impeccable condition.

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Our Range

We supply a vast range of round the corner garage doors in bespoke sizes and materials throughout the Midlands, see our range below or visit our showroom.

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Round The Corner Garage Doors | FAQs

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Our side sliding garage doors are priced at competitive rates with many options for extra savings, including bundle packages and low payments. The price compared to our other types of garage doors will vary depending on specific requirements. Fortunately, we always factor in our customers’ budget and aim to provide round the corner garage doors that stick to it. For a free quotation on a side sliding garage door, contact us today.

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