Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Incorporating robust engineering and sleek aesthetics, roller shutter garage doors are the pinnacle of contemporary design, offering an optimal blend of security, ease of use and visual appeal. These garage doors are great for properties with space constraints, as their innovative design eliminates the need for swing space. Additionally, their seamless operation and robust build quality stand as a testament to both modern advancements and the experienced team here at All-Tech that will fully fit your new rolling garage door. See our entire range of garage doors here.

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Advantages Of Rolling
Garage Doors

Materials And Finishes We Provide

At All-Tech, we’re committed to offering a wide selection of materials for our roller shutter garage doors, ensuring a blend of aesthetic elegance and high functionality. Each type of door is a testament to durability, security and style, designed to be a seamless addition to any property. Our diverse range means you’re spoilt for choice, never having to sacrifice style for practicality.

Steel Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Our steel garage roller shutter doors offer unmatched strength and security, ideal for both commercial properties and homes where top-level security is a priority. The robust nature of steel provides a strong deterrent to intruders, affording property owners extra confidence in their safety. Beyond security, these doors contribute a sleek, contemporary edge to your property’s aesthetic.

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Aluminium Rolling Garage Doors

Choosing aluminium for your roll up garage doors combines lightweight ease and formidable strength. Aluminium’s natural resistance to rust makes it perfect for withstanding British weather, maintaining both functionality and appearance over time. Its adaptability allows for many finishes and colours, giving you the freedom to enhance your home with a door that reflects your style.

Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Our insulated rolling shutter garage doors are a prime choice for efficiency. These doors come equipped with a thermal barrier, helping regulate the temperature inside your garage throughout the year, be it the depths of winter or the height of summer. This not only aids in reducing energy costs but also minimises noise, transforming your garage into a more pleasant space.

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Roller Shutter Garage Door Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs

Keeping your roller shutter garage door in top condition is vital for ensuring longevity and reliable functionality. At All-Tech, we understand the challenges that come with maintaining garage doors, from misaligned tracks and damaged rollers to worn-out springs or complications with motors and remote controls. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance, servicing and repairs, ensuring your door remains as efficient and secure as the day it was installed. Don’t let common issues disrupt your day-to-day life, our team of experts is on hand to swiftly diagnose and resolve any problems, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind.

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Types of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Manual Roller Doors

Manual roller doors offer simplicity and reliability, requiring physical effort to open and close. This traditional system bypasses the need for electrical components, making it less prone to technical faults and ideal for those seeking straightforward operation. However, manual operation might be cumbersome for some, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Security Roller Doors

Security roller doors are designed with enhanced features like thicker materials and advanced locking systems to prevent break-ins. While they require slightly more space to roll up due to their robust construction, the peace of mind offered by the added security is often considered more than worth the trade-off.

Remote Controlled Roller Doors

Remote controlled roller doors bring modern convenience into your garage. With a click of a button, the door opens or closes, perfect for those who prefer not to manually operate their doors. This option requires electrical installation and enough space for the mechanism, but the ease of operation and high functionality it offers are undeniable and very popular.

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Single Skin Roller Shutter Doors

Single skin roller shutter doors are a cost-effective option suitable for garages needing basic security without additional insulation benefits. These doors are lightweight, have less space requirements, and are easier to operate manually. However, they might not offer sufficient thermal efficiency or noise reduction in certain environments.

Compact Roller Doors

Compact roller doors are designed for garages with limited headroom, offering an efficient design that doesn’t compromise on space. These doors feature smaller slats allowing the curtain roll to be tighter and the overall mechanism to be smaller. While they save space, they might have limitations in insulation and strength compared to their larger counterparts.

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Where Are Roller Shutter Garage Doors
Suitable for Use

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Frequently Asked Questions | Roller Shutter Garage Doors

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to buying new garage doors, and even navigating the world of roller shutter garage doors can be complex. But the All-Tech experts are here to provide clear, concise answers to your pressing questions – starting with these regular queries.

The space required for guide runners can vary depending on the specific model of the door and the manufacturer’s design. However, typically, you’ll need approximately 90mm to 150mm of space on either side of the garage door opening for the installation of guide runners.

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