Popular Garage Door Styles For 2023

With each passing year comes new trends and ideas for homeowners to take advantage of. If your home has a garage, it is one of the very first things you and others will see. An attractive garage will turn heads and get people thinking, “Just where did they get that garage door from?” You’ll be able to upgrade your garage door, and your house’s appeal, with these increasingly popular garage door styles for 2023.  

Sectional Garage Doors 

Sectional garage doors have become increasingly popular over recent years and even more so in 2023. These modern-looking garage doors function with panels that are connected and fold up into each other when the door is raised. When opening, they provide no swing out making them ideal for those who park and store their vehicle in the garage. These types of garage doors can be customised to the owner’s content, with the ability to paint a wide range of colours, as well as the ability to add windows, offering more functionality for natural light as well as a more unique design. While sectional garage doors are generally on the more expensive side, the investment will be more than worth it as you’ll add sophistication and great functionality to your home.  

Electric Automation 

Everything is automatic these days, as we’ve reached a technological uprising in the last 50-plus years with the need for human input being drastically minimised. Garage doors are no different and in more recent years, with the push of a button, many have been able to open and close their garage doors. As there is no need for a traditional handle and can only be accessed by those that have control, automatic – or smart – garage doors, offer increased security. These are ideal for those who are more concerned with the security of their belongings, as well as conserving energy consumption thanks to many closing automatically.  

Side-hinged – Add Some Colour 

Side-hinged garage doors are one of the most customisable types on the market. From the different panel designs, colours and feature options you’ll be spoilt for choice. This type is trending for those with smaller garages that don’t need large types of doors. These offer a practical, fuss-free functioning garage door that is easy to open while providing your home with a classic style aesthetic. Another big trend is incorporating these with other types of garage doors, including sectional, roller shutter and round-the-corner varieties. Those who store smaller items and equipment will benefit from side-hinged doors – simply gain easy access and wheel out your lawnmower, bikes and more. 

The best thing about these types of garage doors – have them installed with any colour you like, and you can repaint them easily whenever you want to. You’ll be keeping up with colour trends in 2023 and beyond with a side-hinged garage door.  

Got Wood? 

Wood is popular in 2023 for garage doors and homes in general as it can complement other parts of a home’s exterior, such as door frames and window fittings. Natural-looking homes are taking 2023 by storm, with stylish designs and features that ooze with sophistication and luxury. Wooden garage doors particularly go well with round-the-corner doors, which are great for saving space. The only downside to having a garage door made from wood is they require frequent maintenance and upkeep. Fortunately, there are options to have faux wood doors which don’t require as much upkeep or the need to be stained or painted every year. 

Browse Our Trendy Garage Doors Here At All-Tech Midlands 

Here at All-Tech Midlands, we have a wide selection of garage doors for you to choose from. We keep up to date with the latest trends and can recommend the ideal garage door that will work best for your home. We also have a door designer, so you can try out these different trends on your own existing property, as well as a virtual showroom, showcasing just some of the garage doors and other products, such as automatic gates and patio awnings that we have to offer. Contact us for a free quotation or for more information by calling us on 01527 579 404. 

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