How A Garden Gate Can Transform Your Garden Space

Benefits Of A Garden Gate 

A beautiful and vast English country garden has always been a perfect setting for dramatic literary scenes, as the range of natural colours and textures offer a beguiling visual designed to hoodwink the reader into thinking all was well before a bombshell was dropped. Jane Austen knew this; Thomas Hardy knew this and more recently Julian Fellowes has used this to great effect in Downton Abbey. But you don’t live in the world of period epics. Quite the opposite, you still want your garden to be beautiful, functional and a place to entertain guests… just without the drama. A garden gate can transform your garden space by offering security and privacy to your property keeping unwanted drama out, but what other benefits are there from a garden gate? 

Garden Security 

The first practical application of a garden gate is simply as an additional layer of security and safety for your home. Not only is it a deterrent for unwanted visitors or animals trying to gain access but it also safely protects small children and family pets playing in the garden. Having a garden gate with a functioning lock offers peace of mind to parents of small children and fur babies alike, permitting safe play in the garden without the worry of wandering out and off onto any busy roads.  

Garden Privacy 

A garden gate can also transform your garden space by offering a degree of privacy when combined with a fence or hedge. The choice of the gate will, of course, be important in this factor as many come with gaps allowing a clear view into your garden, but you can attach various types of screening to the reverse changing the colour and feel of your garden, and making it fully secure from any prying eyes allowing you the freedom to sunbathe and invest in a hot tub.  

Additional Property Access 

It can also be a second point of access to your property. If you live in a home where the garden backs onto another road, a park or even your garage, a secure and lockable garden gate can be as much an entrance into your home as your front door. Offering quick access to your car, a shortcut or a wide-open space for your children to play safely and in your eye line.  

Property Boundaries 

A garden gate is a good way to define your property boundary. This is especially beneficial in urban areas where properties are very close together and can be helpful in any plans of redevelopment to the current property. However, it is always important to make sure you have studied the plans to make sure you own your fence and not your neighbours, before making any alterations to fit in a new gate.  

Property Value 

Another great reason why a garden gate can transform your garden space is that a secure and well-maintained garden area can add great value to your property. Particularly in built-up urban areas where green space is at a premium. 

Uniform Your House 

If you are looking into new garden gates, then why not consider a new look for other external features of your property? With a wide range of garage doors, patio awnings and front doors to choose from, at All-Tech, we can help you to give your home an ultimate make-over.  How about automatic gates for something really special? 

Gardens Within Gardens 

A garden gate can also transform your garden space as a fantastic way to separate sections of your garden, protecting them from pets, children or other unwanted visitors. You are very proud of your prize hydrangeas, and why not, they just came first in the annual flower show, for the sixth year in a row and you are gaining a reputation as the local Monty Don. We don’t want any drama in our modern gardens and the destruction of your floral offering the day before the show by a curious child or a bounding Labrador doesn’t bear thinking about. A good idea would be to fence off this area to protect your award-winning flowers, or vegetable patch or to protect children and pets from a pond. A garden gate would offer you the required access whilst keeping out others, protecting the contents and your little loved ones.  

A Garden Gate Offers A Great First Impression 

When considering what garden gate to go for, should you just match your fence in material and design? You could, and this is the typical course of action but why not go against the grain? You are your own person with unique style and tastes – so why not make sure this can be seen by the world as they approach your property? Well, at least the postman. There is a wide range of materials you can use for a garden gate to give it the look you want whilst providing the required security, privacy and, protection from the elements. 

  • Wood
    A classic and traditional look and feel that has been used for garden gates for thousands of years and across multiple cultures and histories including the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. The reasons wood has always been popular is it can be carved to various designs, painted any colour and is durable when coated for protection.  
  • Metal
    Though used throughout history for garden gates, metal only became a prominent choice of material during the industrial revolution. Metal gates are often made from aluminium, iron or steel making them extremely durable and offering a more modern look. They can be fabricated into various designs but are prone to rusting if not properly maintained.  
  • Vinyl
    The 1980s was possibly the last major decade for vinyl being one of the options for listening to music but around that time it found a new home in fencing and gates amongst other things. Vinyl is considered a very practical choice for garden gates as it is a low-maintenance material, comes in various colours and styles and is durable. 
  • Composite
    Composite materials have become incredibly popular since the turn of the 21st century as technology has advanced and allowed the creation of high-quality composites. They are typically made from a combination of wood fibres and plastic to give the illusion of a wood finish with heightened durability and lower maintenance needs. Due to these benefits, composites do generally cost a little more. 

There are other materials also available including bamboo, wicker or chain links but they are not as common as they are considered to either offer less security or less style versatility. 

Let Us Help You Transform Your Garden Space 

Here at All-Tech, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and are as passionate about your garden as you are. We prioritise safety, security and style to help all our customers get their perfect garden gate that brings their garden to life. Get in touch with one of our team to tell us about your dream garden and let us make it a reality. 

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