Farm Style Gates For Sale With Charming Style

All-Tech Midlands provides ample choice of farm style gates to add a rustic, appealing entrance to your driveway, farm, country style cottage or even penning for your livestock. Not only durable and secure, combine the rustic nature of farm style driveway gates with the modern appeal of automation. Explore the quality features and our range of farm style gates for sale below.

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Key Features

A farm style gate from All-Tech Midlands provides a classic element to your home and driveway, evoking feelings of country living and heritage. We allow you to customise your farm style gate to your heart’s content, creating a unique appeal for your property. From secure locking mechanisms, several choices on how they open, to being made from durable materials, our farm style gates for sale will fit your preferences like no other. View our full range of automatic gates here.

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Maintenance, Servicing, and Repairs for Farm Style Gates

All-Tech Midlands provides the additional services of maintenance, servicing and repairs with our team being able to fix a host of issues you might have with your farm style gate, getting it back up to full functioning order. By using our maintenance service for your gate, you’re ensuring the longevity of these traditional gates with uninterrupted durability. If you require a fix quickly, don’t hesitate to book a repair and we’ll get to you in no time at all.

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Who Else Can Benefit From a Farm Style Gate?

Our farm style gates can benefit a range of homes and properties. We don’t just supply and install farm style driveway gates; our high-quality gates are also suitable for:

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Frequently Asked Questions | Timber And Farm Style Gates

The width of a farm style gate will depend on its intended use. Typically for pedestrian access a gate will be 3 to 4 feet in width, but for vehicle access, particularly for larger machinery, widths can range from 10 to 20 feet or more. The width will of course depend on the area you wish to install it, and we can accommodate all sized spaces.

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