Driveway Gate Maintenance, Servicing And Repair

An automatic driveway gate may seem like a luxury, but in fact it is an affordable and pragmatic improvement to your home. Not only does it offer additional security, but it also adds value to your property and provides you with a means of entry without having to step out into the rain or cold.

Whether you live in an uber-modern architectural marvel or a traditional and rustic abode, our superb range of automatic gates is sure to have the ideal style for you, and once you have them, you will want to keep them looking stunning and functioning perfectly which is why regular maintenance is always recommended.

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Signs That Your Automatic Gate
Needs Maintenance

Regular driveway gate maintenance ensures safety and functionality, prolongs their lifespan, maintains security, saves money in the long term and keeps them looking good. It is a small investment that pays off in many ways. If you don’t have a regular electric gate maintenance schedule in place, then now is the time for action before your gates start telling you in various ways, including the following:

Professional Electric Gate Maintenance

A professional electric gate maintenance service will provide regular inspections of all components of your automatic gate and efficient repairs of any issues discovered. Regular quarterly electric gate maintenance is recommended to maintain the quality of your gates looks and functionality, from minor touch ups to paint and piling of mechanical parts to sensor and electronic diagnosis and repair.

If you have automatic gates at the entrance to your business then regular maintenance may be even more important as it could be viewed as a reflection of your standards of work and attention to detail as a company, which could be detrimental if they are in a poor condition. You will also want to ensure your business premises, property, equipment and stock are protected when the building is vacant at night.

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Specialist Automatic Gate Repair

It only takes a few minutes to personally give your gates a once over inspection and is recommended to look out for any of the aforementioned issues including, unusual noises, sluggish operation, unresponsiveness, physical damage, sagging or misalignment, sensor malfunctions, rust or corrosion, electrical issues or security concerns. Spotting a slight problem early and getting it repaired immediately by an automatic gate repair specialist can prevent it from becoming a large and expensive issue. With a specialist, you can be assured the diagnosis and repair will be correct, of the highest quality and will typically come with a warranty.

Regular Maintenance Schedules For Automatic Gate Repairs

A regular maintenance schedule is important for all automatic gates, but the regularity and checks will vary depending on the material you choose for your gates. Due to the organic nature of timber gates, it is worth giving them a quick once-over monthly, a more thorough inspection every few months and ad hoc checks if you have had bad weather conditions.

Thanks to aluminium’s beneficial properties of strength and resistance to corrosion, you should only need to inspect your aluminium gates quarterly and maintain them where necessary. Farm style, garden and pedestrian gates should also be included in any inspection and maintenance schedule and a handy checklist for this would include the following:


  • Check for any visible damage
  • Ensure there are no obstructions to the pathway or tracks
  • Inspect for signs of wear and tear
  • Examine the gate’s alignment
  • Check the tension and condition of chains or belts if applicable
  • Lubricate all moving parts including hinges, rollers, chains and pulleys
  • Examine wiring and control panels for any signs of fraying or loose connections
  • Test and replace any batteries if required
  • Check for any unusual sounds during operation
  • Clean the gate fully of any dirt, debris or pests that could build up.
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